AM General M1097A2

*** Update ***

This truck is currently reserved. However, we do have another one that we can build up to a similar condition. If interested please contact us ASAP.


The truck has an original delivery date of 1999 but a reset date of 2008.  So, basically, this is a 2008 truck with super low miles!

6.5L Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission w/Park & Overdrive

The A2 means this is a 12K setup, so you get.  Not all HMMWVs are the same, the A2 is what you need.

  • better brakes
  • better tranny
  • 6.5L engine
  • better transfer case
  • better hubs
  • better half shafts
  • high back seats
  • bigger generator
  • newer 6.5L engine (serpentine belt)
  • and so much more …

Additional details:

  • Please watch the below video for the cold start, this truck fires right up!
  • The truck currently has less than 100 miles on the odometer
  • The truck has already been upgraded to a 4 man setup
  • It appears the truck was reset in 2008, so the initial delivery date was 1999 but it was refreshed not too long ago
  • Truck will come with an A2 bumper
  • Truck will come with a winch plate
  • Reinforced frame, crossmembers, lifting shackles
  • Heavy-duty rear springs, shock absorbers, reinforced control arms,
  • Transfer case and differential with a modified gear ration

The following have already been serviced:

  • Engine oil has been change
  • Engine oil filter replaced
  • Air filter replaced
  • Air filter box cleaned out
  • Diesel flushed and fresh diesel filled
  • Diesel / fuel filter replaced
  • Diesel / fuel return lines replaced
  • CDR valve to oil filler tube hose already replaced
  • ball joints greased
  • Gear hub fluid drained and replaced

This is a MUST have truck!

Purchasing options:

  • With GA title only $26,219

Transformation from a 2-man setup to a 4-man!

Under the hood!

Service pictures:


Also, according to http://www.hmmwvinscale.com

  • “Differences: The difference between the M998 and M998A1 cargo/troop carriers and the M1097, M1097A1, M1097A2, and M1123 are specifically designed  to accommodate a higher payload capacity. The M1123 and A2 models have new bumpers which make the vehicle slightly longer. A 9,000 lb winch is also available for the M1123 and A2 models as an option.Purpose Of The Vehicle: M1097, M1097A1, M1097A2 and M1123 heavy variant cargo/troop carriers are used to transport equipment, materials, and/or personnel. The heavy variant troop carrier is capable of transporting a two-man crew and eight passengers. The heavy variant cargo carrier is capable of transporting a  payload (including crew) of 4,400 pounds (1,998 kilograms). The M1097, M1097A1, M1097A2, and M1123 use a troop seat kit for troop transport operations, a 200 ampere umbilical power cable to power shelter equipment, and stowage racks for ammunition and equipment.For higher payload capacity, the M1097, M1097A1, M1097A2 and M1123 are equipped with a reinforced frame, crossmembers, lifting shackles, heavy-duty rear springs, shock absorbers, reinforced control arms, heavy duty tires and rims, and a transfer case and differential with a modified gear ration.”

Humvee® for sale – terms

This is a cash sale.  If you can’t come to get it, then I’ll happily hand it over to your designated shipper so they can put it on the truck and take it to you… after full payment has cleared, of course. There is no warranty expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all risks. Make sure you can legally own and drive it before buying including your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend :).  Can only be sold directly to a US Citizen or a foreign national that has received an End Use Certificate and complies with all other export laws. If you are outside of the US, then please know that you will have to work with your exporter to obtain authorization to export.

If you would like me to contact you, then please fill out the form below:

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