AM General M1123A2 HMMWV® HUMVEE For sale!!!

6.5L Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission w/Park & Overdrive

The A2 means this is a 12K setup, so you get

  • better brakes
  • better tranny
  • 6.5L engine
  • better transfer case
  • better hubs
  • better half shafts
  • high back seats
  • and so much more …

This truck was originally delivered in 1999. However, in 2008 it went through a reset. Then, it looks like in 2009 it was transferred to the site from which it appears to have been auction off from. For the first time ever, there was a sheet of paper left in the truck which shows the transfer from the last base in 2009 to the location from which it was auction off from. This paper will be sold with the truck.

Additional details:

  • The truck currently has less than 4,000 miles
  • The truck was recently repainted
  • The truck is already converted to a 4 man setup
    • 4 man top has been added
    • C-Pillar has been added
    • 4 man rails have been added
    • 4 man rear curtain has been added
  • The rear seat pans have been added
  • The truck has rear seat options
  • The truck has brand new front and rear doors
  • The tailgate has been added
  • The truck has brand new glass and seals added
  • The mirrors have been added
  • All of the lights work
  • Batteries have been swapped out for ones that hold charge
  • Engine oil has been changed
  • Fuel filter has been changed
  • Work that remains to be done
    • The tires should be balanced, it does bounce as you drive
    • Rear seat belts need to be added
    • Ball joints need to be checked and serviced
    • Geared Hubs do need to be checked
    • The basic service needs to be finished

Purchasing options:

  • AM General M1123A2 HMMWV® HUMVEE For sale!!!
  • Where she sits, as she sits for 25,800. Once the remaining, planned work is completed and the truck is titled for 29,800.

The painting process: The truck’s bed was in need a lot of sanding. So, the bed was sanded down to the metal, then primed and then painted. This is what I would consider a Level II paint job.

The new doors:

The new glass:

Humvee® for sale – terms

This is a cash sale.  If you can’t come to get it, then I’ll happily hand it over to your designated shipper so they can put it on the truck and take it to you… after full payment has cleared, of course. There is no warranty expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all risks. Make sure you can legally own and drive it before buying including your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend :).  Can only be sold directly to a US Citizen or US Residents. If you are outside of the US, then please know that you will have to work with your exporter to obtain authorization to export.


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