Battlewagon 2.0

HMMWV® For Sale – The Battlewagon 2.0 could be yours – M1045A2 USMC Humvee® – Hummer®



This is a real military HMMWV® that retired from the USMC in late 2018.
*If the ad is up, then the HMMWV® is available and still for sale.
**This HMMWV® can only legally be sold to US Citizens.

Why you need a Hummer®

  • You deserve one of the coolest, most badass vehicles ever made
  • The government doesn’t really want you to have one
  • To help your community in times of need. Each of the past few years friends helped across the US when storms caused major flooding and disrupted food, water, and medical supply deliveries. HMMWVs® can’t go EVERYWHERE, but they can go a lot of places that other vehicles simply can’t.
  • To honor the Veterans in your community. One of my friends maintains a fleet of former military vehicles to take to parades and events that honor veterans.
  • To show the other parents in the carpool line how it’s done!
  • To preserve history. The HMMWV® has served with distinction in the US military for decades.
  • As a fun weekend ride for cruising and car shows. But you better build a new trophy case if you are going to buy this one.
  • To make Jeep owners feel sheepish and inadequate on the trail.
  • Because it is one of the most versatile vehicles ever produced. You can turn a Humvee® from a 4 man SUV, to a wagon, to a 2 man pickup, to a TOW MISSILE launch vehicle, to a mobile communications platform, to an insanely capable off-road RV, to a beach tour vehicle, to a unique limo… etc, etc. etc. The HMMWV® is made to be incredibly easy to reconfigure.

Contact Jeff at to make this beast yours before someone else beats you to it.

HMMWV® for sale – The good:

  • Runs like a champ
  • Been my daily driver and Gear Reports primary marketing vehicle all year. It has been reliable.
  • I do routine preventative maintenance and keep the Battlewagon 2.0 mission-ready
  • Valid Vermont on-road registration with no restrictions
  • Low indicated miles. It had 4148 miles showing on the odometer when I got it. It had been driven less than 2000 miles since the 2007 reset when it got a new engine.
  • Has the full A2 turret assembly installed
  • Riser, UPA and aluminum chicken shield included
  • I have the following Gun mounts available at additional charge MK64, MK93, and M240/249 gun mounts
  • Has a very rare Low Profile Ibis Tek front bumper
  • A2 airlift rear bumper with all mounting brackets (even the 2 hard to find brackets)
  • Ibis Tek spare tire carrier
  • mud flaps
  • Supplemental armored doors
  • Blue Force Tracker center console
  • … and more… listed below with pictures

HMMWV® for sale – The bad:

  • It was made in 2001. So, it isn’t new. Things break on new vehicles. They may be expected to break more on older vehicles. So, it won’t run perfectly forever. 🙁
  • The oil pan has a super slow seeping leak at the front of the gasket. I figured that if it gets worse, then I’d drop the pan and reseal it. But it has gone about 8 months without getting worse. So, I haven’t resealed it yet.

HMMWV® for sale – The ugly:

  • You can thank the USMC for a few scrapes and scratches here and there. Nothing too bad, but it is not brand new. Remember, this was a legit, active duty combat vehicle with the US Marine Corps for over a decade.

Humvee® for sale – terms

This is a cash sale. No trades. No financing. No, I don’t need help selling it. If you can’t come to get it, then I’ll hand it over to your designated shipper so they can put it on the truck and take it to you… after full payment has cleared, of course. There is no warranty expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all risks. Make sure you can legally own and drive it before buying. If your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend says no after you bought it, it is not my problem. I will not give a refund. Can only be sold directly to a US Citizen or a foreign national that has received an End Use Certificate and complies with all other export laws. If you are outside of the US, then I have a friend that exports HMMWVs and can help you.

HMMWV® for sale – Price

Cash Price: $41,848 – M1045A2 HMMWV®
Trade value: $45,000 – M1045A2 HMMWV®

The price includes the Battlewagon 2.0 itself and the things listed in this section only.


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