Smoke Launcher


This is my build of HMMWV HUMVEE Smoke Launchers.  This is my Gen1, so be on the lookout for future upgrades and enhancements.


This is my build of HMMWV HUMVEE Smoke Launchers.  I now have Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 out.  These are for static display only, so please don’t expect them to be functional in any way.

This is around 4.5% smaller than the OEM product, and they are made using PLA + via a 3D printer. So, do not leave them out under hot sun.

Smoker/Launcher only, no brackets, caps or covers included but you can easily make those using parts from your local hardware store.

You should plan to sand, prime and paint them to your liking, likely green or tan :).

Note: These are for static display only.  Do not try to launch anything from them.

V1: This product is ~5% smaller than OEM, the tube walls are slightly thinner than V2 but it’s printed as a single unit.   The items in blue are V1.  The blue one in the pictures. 

V2: This product is almost 100% match in size with the OEM. The tube walls are much thicker than V1. But the tubes are not already attached to the base like V1.  The last two pictures in black are V2.  The black one in the pictures. 

V3: We added ~3/4 inch to the base, so making it pop out more.  We added the rectangular mounting bracket.  We made it as a single integrated unit like V1.  The tan one in the pictures. 

Note, this will likely be on backorder, it’s recommended that you just order it to get added as next in line.  We’ll ship as soon as yours is ready.  



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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in
Smoke Launchers

V1 5% smaller, V2 larger and thicker, V3 with bracket


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