Customer Testimonials

Thomas Boylan :

“It’s very easy to make a negative post mostly because you pissed off and got taken by some dishonest person. Not many of the good people get the praise they deserve.

So here is a shout out for a good guy. For anyone hesitant of buying from Rub Muradian let me tell you don’t worry, the recent experience I just had could not have been any better. I have been buying and selling cars and trucks for several decades. I like to say I had one of the best experiences ever he is upfront, accommodating and full disclosure about the item you buying. Besides he is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and doesn’t mind helping out after the sale if you need advice.”

Kelly Cobean:

“I’m a firm believer in singing the praises of vendors and sellers that go the distance to take care of their customers, especially in a niche market like our trucks.

I bought an A2 bumper package from Rub including all the braces, spacers, bolts, etc. He shipped promptly via Fastenal and handled all of the logistics with them and made sure I was informed every step of the way.

And then Fastenal lost half of the shipment. The box of bolts and spacers showed up, but the braces and the bumper itself were in the wind. Rub stayed on top of Fastenal and while they were tracking down the missing parts, Rub said if they don’t find it soon he’d ship me a new one. Every time he communicated with them, he communicated with me. To me, there is value in knowing what’s going on and I know that it takes valuable time for sellers to provide that.

Fortunately, the bumper was found and all ended well. The bumper I got is in great condition and the hardware was all new. When it’s time to pick up a tire carrier, Rub is going to be my go to guy.

Anyway, buy from Rub with confidence…he’s one of the good ones!”


Joey Smith

A big shoutout to Rub Muradian for working out transport of two new HMMWVs delivered tonight from Albany.  Nearly froze our butts off in the process but we got it done. Looking forward to a future HMMWV meetup soon!


Wesley Wulff:

“Since it is the season and I’ve seen some sellers/buyers have some bad transactions id like to give a thanks to Rub , and Frank G Sanchez for treating a newer owner to the group with great advice, extremely fair deals and smooth transactions.”

Sako Froyan :

Looking for a Motor up and down for two weeks now and I asked Rub Muradian with Damage control customs for help and he was on it and in no time he found me a complete motor ready to drop in and on top of that saved me 2k on asking price from all over the place . wow thanks brother for the great help and service not a lot of people would of done what u did I greatly appreciate it .


Joe Condrey: “got the parts today, looks great thanks!!”

Mosen Kash Rub Muradian is the Batman of hmmwv world