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Welcome to the site focused on military surplus.  Where the main focus is on High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or commonly known as the Humvee site!

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Quick HMMWV history:

HMMWV development
In 1979, the US Army issued a draft specification for the new tactical vehicle which led the development of the HMMWV. The US Army gave contracts to three contenders: AM General LLC, Chrysler Defense and Teledyne Continental to design and develop 11 prototype HMMWVs (six weapon carriers and five utility vehicles). Testing was conducted over rocky hills, deep sand, 60in-deep water, desert heat and arctic snow over 600,000 miles.
In 1981, the US Army awarded a contract to AM General to produce additional prototypes of the tactical vehicle for further tests. The development and operational testing was conducted in 1982 and, in 1983, the US Army awarded a contract to AM General to manufacture 55,000 HMMWVs of which 39,000 were for the US Army and the remaining vehicles for the US Marine Corps, US Air Force and US Navy.
In 1989, the HMMWV entered combat as part of Operation Just Cause, the US invasion of Panama.

For additional information on what is a HMMWV please visit the following sites:  WWW.Military.Com and http://www.army-technology.com/.

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