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How to access the basic HMMWV TM:

Use the search engine of your choice and for the HMMWV (A0, A1 and A2) search on TM-9-2320-280-xx where xx is 10, 20, 24p, 34…

The -10 tells you about operation and basic Maintenance.

There is also a -10HR (hand receipt) which lists everything you are supposed to get with your new HMMWV from the factory…

The -20 (three books) has technical information for repairs at the battalion level. This is where you will find most repairs and replacement and adjustment procedures.

The -24p (two books) has the exploded parts diagrams and part numbers.

The -34’s has the depot level repairs and parts.

TM-9-2320-335-13&P has repairs and parts for the ECV HMMWV’s which are different from the earlier trucks that are coming out now.

How to install a turret, full write up here, and a quick youtube video here.

For a complete article on how to assemble a HMMWV door please check out this article. 
For a detailed list of the bolts used when putting together a HMMWV X-Door check out this article.
door Bolts
How to install a grounding harness: 
Just another simple/easy HMMWV DIY video! How to replace your shocks.

How to install a A2 Airlift bumper: 

How to do basic Geared Hub maintenance check

How to add a key start to your HMMWV:

How to tell the difference in HMMWV designations:

We all wonder, what do those numbers stand for?  Like, what is the difference between M998 and an 1038…?  So, how to tell the difference between the different HMMWV designations:

  • M998 – basic troop carrier; 1038 – troop carrier w/ winch
  • 966 – armored tow carrier; 1036 – tow carrier w/winch
  • 1045 – tow carrier with sup armor; 1046 – tow , sup arm w/winch
  • 1025 – armament carrier armored ( 50 cal , m-60, mk19 grenade launcher)
  • 1026 – as above w/ winch; 1043 – armament carrier with sup armor
  • 1044 – as above w/winch; 1037 – s250 shelter carrier
  • 1042 – as above w/winch; 996 – 2 litter ambulance
  • 997 – 4 litter ambulance; 1035 – 2 litter soft top

How to tell if you’re HMMWV will fit inside your garage.  Simple, measure your garage and then compare it to the measurements below or go to the source of the image: