I often get asked, “Why Damage Control?” What’s that all about?

I’m a former Navy guy, and Damage Control is a rate or classification. It’s a way we identified ourselves, our job classification. It’s who and what I was — a Damage Controlman, or firefighter. I trained myself and my shipmates on firefighting and how to protect the ship against hull damage.

Once military is in your blood, it never leaves you. You always gravitate to what’s military — the connection, the camaraderie, the love of the equipment and the environment, and doing something worthwhile. It’s been called a “love of the green machines” or the camouflage vehicles and machinery. It kind of sucks you in and almost becomes an addiction.

Whether it was a pre-midlife crisis, or just a need to re-charge my military batteries, it led me here… And here is a pretty cool place to be. I have a day job, and I do this as a hobby, as an enthusiast. While my day job pays the bills, this is my fun, my passion.

Take a look at the work I’ve done, and what I have to offer currently. Peruse the pictures and website, and let me know what you might be interested in. Not sure what you have in mind, or don’t see what you’re looking for? Let’s talk. I can help.

Looking forward to helping you,


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