HUMVEE HMMWV AM General For Sale


2002 M1045A2 HMMWV HUMVEE Hummer for sale. This is actually a HMMWV® in which you can get a speeding ticket.  This isn’t a common 3 speed with a 6.2L, this is a turbo charged 6.5L with a 4 speed tranny!  If you’re looking for a street legal and customized HMMWV then you’ve found it. 

She can be yours if you would like, or I would be happy to build you one just like it.  Just call me directly at (770)383-1097.

The goal of this page is to simply document/illustrate the transition process.

The A2 means this is a 12K setup, so you get

  • better breaks
  • better tranny
  • 6.5L engine
  • better transfer case
  • better hubs
  • better half shafts
  • high back seats
  • and so much more …

Here is a “short” list of all of the enhancements to this truck:

  1. Upgraded engine to a 6.5L GEP Turbo
  2. Rebuilt tranny
  3. A 80MPH instrument cluster
  4. Doors: You have a choice between Half Doors or Supplemental armor doors
  5. Locking door handles
  6. Upgraded air intake
  7. Less restrictive air filter
  8. Rock Sliders
  9. Upgraded to MT/Rs tires on 24 bolt rims
  10. Additional / matching MT/R spare tire
  11. Rhino Spare Tire carrier
  12. Airlift Bumper
  13. Bumper Steps
  14. Tear Drop shackles
  15. Hitch extender
  16. Mud-flaps
  17. Three military antennas
    1. MX-6707
    2. IS-3900
    3. DUKE
  18. All around upgraded lights
    1. Upgrade headlights
    2. LED marker lights
    3. LED tail lights
    4. LED instrument cluster lights
  19. Mastercraft front bucket seats
  20. Mastercraft rear jump seats
  21. New roof insulation
  22. Fully functional true military turret
  23. Aluminum Coupla
  24. IBIS® push front bumper
  25. 12K electric winch
  26. Hood tool tray
  27. Tinted windows
  28. New reflectors
  29. Both 24V and 12V setup, so you can charge your iPhone and other 12V electronic
  30. and the list keeps on going …

Purchasing options:

  • 2002 M1045A2 HMMWV HUMVEE Hummer for sale

  • Special PricingYou can have ALL of this for only $98,450.  Oh, and yes, the truck is titled in the state of GA. 

  • Note: Radio, computer, intercom, gun, and gun mounts are not part of the sale.

The Build Process

Day one, couldn’t even get her to run!


Got her to run after: new smart box, new glow plugs, new key start, and a new volt regulator

Adding HMMWV jack rails:

Installing modular platform:


Installing new shocks: check them out here HMMWV 12K Shocks

Before and after of the turret, who would have thought it would take so much work!


Getting the turret support ready for install:

Day 2 of prepping the turret / gun ring.

Starting to prime

Upadate on turret progress:

Transformation to desert tan!  Nothing wrong with the camo, but I served in the tan periods, so tan we go!

At a local auto show:

At a local event. Can you believe it, the local PD is inviting me to their events:

Custom logo being added by someone special.

Sent her off to a specialty shop to have the turbo installed.

Showing her off at the IV8888 annual event.  Had a wonderful time with the Gear-Report team and as always blessed to see the IV8888 crew.

Check out the videos below of how she performs on the freeway. That’s right, normally with a HMMWV you’ll be happy to hit 55/60MPH but not this work of art.

Upgraded MasterCraft seats.

Upgraded the Hood with a special USA Hood Grill and a Custom Special Forces Tool Rack:

Installing an electric winch inch and a very special bumper.

Upgraded rear end, tire carrier, tear drop shackles, hitch extender, both military and civilian hitches …

Out for a photo and video shoot at a local job site.

A quick video of the truck driving onto the site and another video highlighting some of the features.  These videos don’t include all of the features of the truck, just some.

At the March Caffeine and Octane show.

Humvee for sale – terms

This is a cash sale.  If you can’t come to get it, then I’ll happily hand it over to your designated shipper so they can put it on the truck and take it to you… after full payment has cleared, of course. There is no warranty expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all risks. Make sure you can legally own and drive it before buying including your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend :).  Can only be sold directly to a US Citizen or a foreign national that has received an End Use Certificate and complies with all other export laws. If you are outside of the US, then please know that you will have to work with your exporter to obtain authorization to export.

Reserve this 2002 M1045 with a turbo

This is a deposit to reserve this truck for 2 weeks while the rest of the funds are packaged. The deposit is not refundable.


Contact Ruben at (770) 383-1097 for more details

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