As you may know, the wonderful team at IV8888 hosts an annual shootout.  So, who are these guys, how can you find out more information about them?  I’m glad you asked, here is a short excerpt.  For the full store you can visit their site:

“Eric and Chad became friends in high school by sharing a love of music. They eventually discovered they shared a love of firearms as well. In 2008, Eric and Chad began to record their reloading days and trips to the range on a little Sony point and shoot camera – just for fun. Eric uploaded these videos to YouTube and noticed that he started gaining subscribers. He would receive an email for each new subscriber and one day woke up to over 300 email notifications at which point he had to disable those notifications! YouTube invited Iraqveteran8888 to become one of the first 50 channels to become part of their new “partners” program – they wanted to place ads on the content. Today Iraqveteran8888 has over 1.8 million subscribers and over 498 million video views.”

I was initially invited thanks to Jeff from Gear-Report.  Then after, I got to know Eric more personally and the rest of the wonderful crew.  To name a few Brandy AKA MrsIV8888, William AKA the cool guy … too many great team members to mention them all.  Since Jeff invited me initially my content is in conjunction with the Gear-Report.

Enough with the boring stuff, let’s get to the fun.

So, what is this whole event about? It’s simple, we eat, we get to meet people, we shoot, we eat again, we shoot some more, then eat again.  I have to give a shoutout too the bearcreekcattle guys, they provided lunch and dinner and they have some fantastic food, check them out if you can.

What’s my job?  My job is to bring cool toys for people to check out, interview in or around, even take on test drives.  Here are the details for the truck, AKA MasterCraft,  that I took to the event.


The food: We had great food Friday night which was provided by the venue.  The next day,  lunch and dinner was prepared by BearCreekCattle.  If that wasn’t enough Sat night we had a bunch of beer and steaks.  Oh ya, I also got to be useful and use my newly acquired spot lights to light up the scene so the party continued on after dark.


What did we get to shoot? anything from fully auto, shotguns, to pistols, soda can launchers.  Here are some pictures  and videos.




When did we know it was lunch time? Well that’s simple, when Will from BearCreekCattle, fired up the grill and the range was full of brass :).


What stood out to me?  Man, A LOT!  Here is a super short list:

  • The Mantis shooting digital coach stood out to me a lot!  I liked it so much I decided to get one.  The best part is that Alpha actually sent me one for free.  So, be on the lookout for a video to come.


  • I got to give it up to my shipmate Garrett from Xproducts.  These guys have so many cool products.  To mention a few of their product, they have grappling hooks, can cannons to really high quality larger capacity mags.  I’m totally looking forward to trying out some of their products.
  • One last call out, Matt from from Ballistic Ink make some cool shirts, check it out.  I actually need to reach out to them for their iPlink shirt.

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