HMMWVs® For Sale

Are you looking for street legal custom HMMWV ® HUMVEEs? Do you want a project HMMWV?  Do you want one of a kind true military truck?  Well you’ve landed at the right place.

Cash, PayPal or Crypto accepted here.  That’s right, contact us directly if you wish to pay with Ether or other Crypto.

Now taking custom orders, Call Ruben at (770) 383-1097 to gather your requirements and build your dream HMMWV®! 

    • Are you looking for a running turbo truck?  You decide, do the work yourself or have something ready to go.  Check out this fantastic M1152A1 Turbo ECV HMMWV HUMVEE


M1152A1 Left Side View

DCC Silo