This is actually a HMMWV in which you can get a speeding ticket.  This isn’t a common 3 speed with a 6.2L, this is a turbo charged 6.5L with a 4 speed tranny! 

She can be yours if you would like, or I would be happy to build you one just like it.  Just call me directly at (818)335-4343.

Check out the videos below of how she performs on the freeway.


Day one!


Got her to run after: new smart box, new glow plugs, new key start, and a new volt regulator



Adding HMMWV jack rails: you can find them here: HMMWV Jack Rails and Rock Sliders


Installing modular platform: you can find them here: Modular Steps / Platform



Installing new shocks: check them out here HMMWV 12K Shocks



Before and after of the turret


Getting the turret support ready for install:


Day 2 of prepping the turret / gun ring.


Starting to prime

Upadate on turret progress:


Transformation to desert tan!


At a local auto show:


At a local event:


Sent her off to a specialty shop to have the turbo installed.


Showing her off at the IV8888 annual event.

Contact Ruben at (818) 335 – 4343 for more details


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