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Review: The New Mantis Laser Academy

First things first, what is the Laser Academy from MantisX?

In short, it allows you to dry fire and track your progress, but it’s MUCH more than that. Mantis Laser Academy is a laser, shot recording smartphone application with built-in training modes. The built-in training modes take the product from an A to an A+.

“With guided drills and real-time feedback, Laser Academy allows you to have a training facility at home and at your convenience.” as the people at Mantis would say. The different modes allow you to keep dry fire practice fresh and challenging. I would say the the app is rather straightforward, and easy to set up, the best part is that you can use the app without creating a user account. I saw again, they don’t force you to create an account and link you to any data, you can download the app and use it as is.

Overall it is an incredibly valuable tool to help anyone work on their shooting skills. In fact, with the price of ammo as it has been for the past year this makes for a wonderful Christmas Gift. You can go to the range without leaving your backyard and without spending $300 on ammo. If you ask me, then your Christmas shopping list just got that much easier.

For around $100 you can that special someone a gift that no one else thought about. Check it out here at Mantis.


As a free app, Laser Academy comes with the following training modes:

Open Shooting – Single Target: Basic target shooting with scoring and the ability to store sessions to track your progress.
Shot From Guard/Low Ready – One Shot: Starting from a prompt, this mode times your shot and tracks accuracy in single-shot sessions.
Duel – Single Shot: You and a training partner compete to see who has the fastest draw and eagle eye.
Bullseye – Five-shot: Untimed, no prompts, receive scores and splits from five shot rounds.

There are several training modes for all levels of shooters. This allows you to develop on your skills while keeping things interesting and challenging. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can actually custom configure the app, the in-app settings allow for par time, recovery time in between reps, and the number of reps per session customizations.

If you happen to have a Mantis user account for your Mantis X device, you can use the same credentials to log in to your Laser Academy application. This allows you to track all your Mantis dryfire training information in one place. Again, the app doesn’t force you to log in, but if you wish to you can.

What are your options with the Mantis Laser Academy Kit?

Before we get started, you’ll need a smart phone to download the app, clearly not included :). From Mantis you can buy two kits, the Portable kits or the Standard kits. Here is what’s included in each kit:



  • Full Access code to Mantis Laser Academy ($99 value)
  • Pink Rhino laser (select caliber)
  • Complete set of 5″x7″ Laser Academy Smart Targets
  • Mini tripod and smartphone holder
  • Laser cartridge extraction stick
  • Portable carrying case


  • Full Access code to Mantis Laser Academy ($99 value)
  • Pink Rhino laser (select caliber)
  • Complete set of 5″x7″ Laser Academy Smart Targets
  • Complete set of 8″x11″ Laser Academy Smart Targets
  • Mini tripod and smartphone holder
  • Large tripod and smartphone holder
  • Laser cartridge extraction stick
  • Portable carrying case
  • NEW: A set of target stand holders (5)

Here is one lesson learned based on my usage. Make sure the laser works first. I must have spent at least 30min trying to figure out why mine wasn’t working. Well the batteries weren’t in the laser. It’s actually very easy to check, kind of embarrassing to admit to, but hopefully someone can learn from my failures. In short, the laser will be this cold tube, on the back of the tube it has a black button. Well, if your press that button and you don’t see a red laser then you need to heck the batteries. Once I made sure the batteries were in I was all good to go.

In conclusion, if your partner in crime has any interest in firearms then this will make for a fantastic Christmas gift this year.



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Bulletproof Backpack

Today we’ll be doing an unboxing of a bulletproof backpack panel made by Premier Body Armor.  If you chose to order the product you must use promo code “Rub10” to receive a 10% discount.

This is an ideal gift for any student or anyone looking for low profile protection.

Lets start with something as simple as the packaging.  They did a very professionally job, very clean and just the right amount of packaging.  In my experience, most companies over packages, while some just don’t have enough material to protect your purchases as it travels through the maze of shipping lanes.  In this case, I think, the team at Premier did it very elegantly.

I know this really isn’t a big deal but it always makes me smile.  When you open the box, they actually include free brand stickers.  Come on, stickers don’t cost $7.99, yet most companies want you to pay them to advertise their products, well not Premier.


This product is actually made right here in the US.  The best part is that it comes with a 5 year warranty; I think most car companies only warranty their sales for 3 years while Premier provides 5 years.  The product is rated to provide protection against several calibers, including 9MM, .45 ACP and .44 Mag.  When you flip over the packaging they actually list all of the calibers.

The product is actually light weight. I actually didn’t notice a difference in weight when I added it to my daily Backpack.  And, the product is very flexible.

In conclusion, this is a product I would highly recommend and would personally own.  To order yours today visit Premier Body Armor and use promo code “Rub10” to receive a 10% discount.

Check out this YouTube video for the same as above but in a video form:


Master Damage Controlman, Ruben

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