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DIY: How I Assemble A HMMWV / HUMVEE Door / X-Door

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This is simply me putting together an X-Door which was recently painted. The goal of this article to simply share what I do.  Said in another way, this isn’t a detailed instructional article which necessarily follows the military process or any other professional process.  Just what I do.

All content here are for reference purposes only: Always consult with an expert if you are not one.

For a detailed list of bolts I used please see here.

With all that said, here we go!

Step 1:  You’ll need bolts, lots of them.

Make life simple for yourself.  What do I mean, when you start to disassemble your first door what you should do is grab a small empty box and gather all of your bolts off of that door.  I don’t try to save all of the washers and nuts.  I try to have one complete bolt, nut, and washer(s) per given set.  Where to me, a set is the number of bolts, nuts and washers you would need to reassemble a given part, or example the the armrest / latch, the hinges, latches …  For example, the latch has 4 bolts, 8 washers, and 4 nuts.  In this case, I would retain 4 of the bolts, two washers, and one nut.  When done you should have all of the bolts, and a single set of nuts and washers per set.  Then, I take this box to my local Fastenal and ask them to gather everything X 4.

Note: I stick to stainless

Note: More than likely Fastenal will not have the exact length for every single bolt.  Whatever you do, don’t get anything shorter, a tad bit longer will be fine.

Note: Consider getting extras of everything.  You will likely lose a few washers and a few nuts.

Step 2: Installing the window.

I like to start off with the door upside-down.  That allows me to slide the window into place by myself.

Note: Don’t forget to install the window rollers.  Otherwise, your window will have too much play within the frame.


When installing the window I like to put the top window rollers in first, then slide in the window frame just passed the halfway point.

Then, I install the bottom window rollers and finally slide the window all the way up and lock it in place.

Step 3:  Installing the window stop assembly

My next step is to install the window stop assembly.  I do this next because I want to make sure the window doesn’t slide off and brake if I accidentally slip the door to the right side up position.

Step 4:  Installing the arm rest / latch assembly

It could be argued if this should be the next step or if should come only once your lock / latch has been installed.  I personally do it next.


Step 5: Installing your Lock

This is very straight forward and not much to be said here.  The only thing to note is that you should make sure not to forget the door spacer that goes between the door and the latch from the inside.


Step 6: Installing the door handle

Next you want to install your handle from the outside.  Not matter if you purchase the locking handles or the standard ones the process should be identical.

Once you have your handle bolted up, not tightened down just bolts, washers, and nuts in place, then you want to connect the door latch road from the actual latch to the actual latch.


Once you have the latch road in place, then you want to make sure your spring is attached and under tension.


Then you want to confirm that your latch will lock in place and released when you unlatch it from the inside or outside.  Test this out a few times.

Step 7:  Hinges

Finally, you want to install your hinges.  You don’t want to tighten down the bolts.  Just get the nuts on and tighten it just so it’s not wobbling.   Once you hang the door and line up the door latch with the striker and only then you want to tighten down the hinges.

Note: don’t forget the spacers behind the hinges

Note: don’t forget to install your limiting strap retaining.  Otherwise, you wont be able to connect the limiting strap from the body to the door and your door will swing open all the way and potentially scratch by rubbing on the mirrors or other doors.

Note: You want to pay attention to the hinges for you do have a right and left.

Here is a time-laps video of everything explained above.

Thank you for reading this article.  If you enjoyed it, then please comment and share.

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