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New order for HMMWV

The National Guard has put in an order for 739 M1152 HMMWV’s

The dollars keep on flowing,  therefore HMMWV production continues.

Thanks to an article published by shephardmedia I’m happy to announce that we should have just shy of 750 new HMMWV.  The National Guard has put in an order for 739 M1152 HMMWV’s.  This new order is valued at $89 million. This order is in addition to order placed back in Oct 2018.  Delivery of the new order is expected to start Q3 2019. In conclusion,  the HMMWV life line continues.  However, as civilian’s we will likely not see the impact of this for years to come.

What is a M1152 details:

According to AM General, “The M1152 is an Expanded Capacity HMMWV enhanced with Integrated Armor Protection as a Cargo or Troop Carrier. It is a two-man vehicle used primarily to transport personnel, but can also be used as a shelter carrier. The M1152 provides superior troop protection and is capable of carrying up to eight passengers under the Armor Troop Carrier or Troop Seat options.”

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