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HMMWV© Gift Ideas


as we approach the Christmas 🎄. I wanted to take a moment and list out some Christmas gift ideas for HMMWV© / HUMVEE© owners.   

So, if you’re looking for a gift idea for your husband / boyfriend, or super cool wife / girlfriend, then you’re at the right place. 

I’ll strive to give 3-5 options in the <$50, <$100 and >=$100 price ranges.  I will include mostly HMMWV gifts and a few other relatable items as well.

If you have any recommendations, then please feel free to comment or email me directly at


Gift ideas <$50

  • If the person you’re shopping for has the HMMWV ® X-doors and all of the bolts are rusted, then consider buying them a door bolt kit for only $25.90door Bolts
  • If you’re okay with an item that wasn’t made for the military, then these are a good choice.  CIPA 11050 Suction Cup Marine Mirror on Amazon 41uIKdwCbbL._AC_.jpg
  • Here is a re-purposed surplus items that can be used as a cellphone holder and mounted in different locations within the HMMWV©.   You can also use promo code “Win10” to get an extra 10% off until Dec 31 2020.Who doesn't need a cellphone holder? $34.99
  • We all know the OEM cluster lights just don’t cut it.  So, what options do we have?  Just go LED.  Joey has used these and loves them.  For $10 it’s an easy decision vs the others offered.51rW5QGdhoL._AC_SL1000_
  • Need to upgrade you rear bumper?  How about some tear drop shackles? You can also use promo code “Win10” to get an extra 10% off until Dec 31 2020.IMG_7501

Gift ideas <$100

  • Are you reconditioning your HMMWV ® X-Doors?  You should consider replacing the seals.  door seal
  • Want him to man up?  Then, get the MAN CAN.  They have $30, $60 and $100 options available.  Additionally, to the best of my understanding, during the month of November they list all their overstock items from past man can items and usually run a 10% off code.IV8888_ManCan_Regular_6ba7e21b-eea0-48eb-87fa-eee2f4034b13_2880x
  • Having grounding issues, then you may wish to beef up your grounding.  You can also use promo code “Win10” to get an extra 10% off until Dec 31 2020.GroundHarness1

Gift ideas >=$100

  • Need some extra protection 🙂 ? Who doesn’t!  Check out these guys for some armor.  You can also get get 10% off by using promo code “Rub10“.  Here is a link for a full review.B584A9D4-BA13-426D-8ABE-C6B6BEDDA660
  • What about your seats?  What your seat colors don’t match?  Here is a cheap was to solve that problem, MOLLE Seat Cover.  Don’t know who this seller is but a HMMWV© owner recommended them and they are just under $50.
  • s-l500.jpg
  • In need of new shocks?  Ya, we know, the ride is rough but that’s mostly due to your tires.  With that said, if it’s time for new shocks, then these are available for a cheap price.  You can also use promo code “Win10” to get an extra 10% off until Dec 31 2020.HMMWV Shocks
  • Interested in doing some upgrades, what about locking spindle nuts?  You’ll need 4 if you’re doing them all. SpindleNut3
  • Do you really want to impress someone?  Consider getting them a VIC-1 or VIC-3 Intercom systems.   You can also use promo code “Win10” to get an extra 10% off until Dec 31 2020.
  • VIC-1
  • VIC-1/VRC Intercome
    VIC-1/VRC Intercome
  • VIC-3
  • VIC-3 set
    VIC-3 set
  • What about some Vision X 7″ Vortex LED Headlight XIL-7RDBKIT?  The OEM lights aren’t any good and even if you don’t go with these lights, consider upgrading to something that LED. 
  • MODheadLihgts
Please note the featured image comes from:

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How do you not return when everyone there loves you.


I have been been at the Caffeine and Octane show several times and I must say it’s one of my favorite events.  They always treat me nice.  Everyone there loves my trucks. And best of all lots and lots of people visiting.


I got to see everything from cute Jeeps, to muscle cars, to fast cars, even cars from Russia.


As you you can imagine I took MasterCraft to the show.


Below you you can check out some of the pictures I took.


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Custom Hood Grills

Special announcement


As promised, this week we would like to disclose our reveal of a special hood grill for the HMMWV.   

But before we do, a quick reminder. By now everyone knows that was the first to introduce special HMMWV hood grills.  I’m sure everyone also knows that we make similar items for 5 ton and can make custom grills with your desired logo.   So, if you would like any of our standard designs for your 5 Ton, or if you would like a custom one made just for you, then please feel free to reach out to us directly. 

With all that said, here is our official reveal of our new custom grill.  We have pre-made only 4 of these for sale but based on demand we will produce more.  You can be one of the very first ones to own it by order here.


We also have other designs ready to ship.  You can order any one of these variations here

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How To Install Locking Spindle Nut

This article will focus on installing a Locking Spindle Nut, which can be purchased here.  At the end of this article, there will be a few bonus items.

Note: This article is not intended to replace your Training Manual / Owner Manual, please use this article to only supplement.

For a video of the content below, please watch this YouTube video.

You want to first start with draining the existing gear oil by removing the drain plug using a 5/16 Allen wrench.  The drain plug is items number 4 within the first image below.  You want to open this plug and allow it to completely drain.

Next you want to remove the steering arm cover, which will expose the existing spindle nut.  To do this, you’ll need a 3/4 socket.   Within the first image below, item number 5 is the steering arm cover, and items 6 and 7 are referencing the nuts to be removed in this step.

Note:  You may have to remove the tie rod end / radius rod end from the steering arm cover.  On trucks with CTIS, disconnecting of the arm may be required since it is almost impossible to get the cover back on without folding the lip of the seal.

Next you want to remove all of the old gasket from the steering arm cover and the geared hub.   After which you want to dry off any of the old gear oil.

Next you want to bend back (away from the retaining nut) the locking tabs on your existing lock-washer.  Then, using a retaining nut wrench / socket you want to remove the retaining nut, lock-washer, and keyed washer.

Next you want to start to install your Locking Spindle Nut.  You want to take the notched washer and install that onto your spindle.

Next you want to install your grooved spindle nut per the instructions for your specific vehicle.  In our case, using a 1 3/4 socket, we hand tightened the nut, then using a torque wrench we tightened it to 40 pounds per foot.  After tightening, we spun the spindle 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.  Then, we loosened the nut, and tightened it back to 25 pounds per foot.

Next you want to install your locking retainer and and the snap ring.   The locking retainer will have one of 6 position to which it may securely lock onto.   To install the snap rings you will need large snap ring pliers.  It is critical to make sure your locking retainer and snap ring are in place correctly.

Next you want to install your steering arm cover.  To do that, we applied The Right Stuff One Minute Gasket around the steering arm cover.  Then you want to place the steering arm cover in position and hand tighten the 4 bolts previously removed.  Then using your torque wrench, you want to tighten all four bolts to the appropriate torque, in our case 65 pounds per foot.

Next you want to clean off your drain plug and reinstall it.  After which you want to remove your fill plug and replenish your gear oil to the appropriate level.  Once the gear oil has been filled you want to reinstall your fill plug and torque it to the appreciate setting.  In our case, we used 80W-90 gear oil, and torqued the fill plug to 10 pounds per foot.


Bonus content:

Since you have the geared hubs exposed, you might as well as check your bearing.


Since you have the tire off, you might as well as check to make sure your shafts are seated completely.

Since you have the tire off, you might as well as check all of your joints.  In this case we’re going to look at the boll joints. If needed, such as in this case, refill the grease, or maybe consider changing the boll joints.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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Installing a turret

I’m going to share some of my experiences and lessons learned on how to install a turret for your slant back HMMWV.

Here is a quick video of everything below.

You first want to select your turret setup.  Make sure you have the right bearing, the right turret support.  If you have an older style turret with a smaller bearing you may want to think twice before adding a heavy coupla or shield.   Also, before getting started, make sure you currently have a c-pillar, if not you can get one here.

I like to start off with the turret support.  Scrape off all of the old gunk, grind and sand.

Then you want to disassemble your hatch.  Make sure to take lots of pictures because you will need them as a point of reference upon assembling.  Take all of your bolts to your local Fastenal or tractor supply and purchase brand new stainless hardware. Do yourself a favor and don’t go to lows and other such stores, you will be hard pressed to find everything you’ll need and you’ll pay a lot more.  Make sure to buy extras of each nut and bolt, you will lose some.  Once you have it completely disassembled, go ahead and start sanding each component one by one.

Once you have everything sanded and prepped. Then, move to priming and paint.  In my case I’m using tan primer.  Also, the interior of my truck will be green while the exterior will be tan, so I will have to pay attention to what I paint what color.  Finally, make sure to use the right kind of primer based on the paint you’ll be using.  If paining with CARC, the you will have to use the correct primer with the epoxy.  If you need details on this, then message me and I will be more than happy to give you the details.

Then, remove your roof and if necessary remove your old insulation.  If necessary, then use Polyurethane Sealant to close the gaps between where the roof lines meet.

You can find the sealant here:

Polyurethane Sealant in Aluminum Gray 
Polyurethane Sealant in White 
Polyurethane Sealant in Redwood Tan 

Then spray on your adhesive on your roof and insulation.  You want to go vertically, then go over it again horizontally.  Lesson learned, cut out where your support and b-pillar come into contact with your insulation.  Otherwise, your roof will not sit low enough.

Here is the Spray Adhesive for the roof insulation, you may want to get 3-4 cans of this

Next you want to install your c-pillar.  To do that, you will have to remove one of your sponsons, slide in your c-pillar, make sure the bolts line up, and reinstall your sponson.  The you want to install your support.  Followed your roof.  Finally your lock rings.

Once you’re happy with the fit of the roof and turret support then you want to run some of the sealant around where the roof and support meet.  Then place your bearing over the support and apply sealant again.  Attached a few bolts to hold the bearing close to the support and  leg that dray over night.

On the follow day, you want to create a gasket to go under roof retainers.  To do that, you can buy a large sheet of 1/8 gasket, you can buy shower liner, or you can use bike tire tubes.  I would discourage using bike tire tubes because I believe that would be harder to work with.  You can buy the shower liner, which is what I used, here.

You want to make sure your gasket is big enough to go passed your roof retainers, you can go back and cut it to exact fit once everything is dry.  You also want to add s’more more of your sealant under your gasket as well as under and around your roof retainers.  You want to go around the whole turret support and make sure your roof retainers are on nice and tight.  Leave this again over night.


(1) this sealant will not be 100% day in 24 hours but will be dry enough to work with.

(2) make sure not to add sealant on the bearing and the gasket you just made, the gasket can temporarily go onto the bearing but you will want to come back and trim it just passed where the bearing spins.

Now you can start to assemble your hatch back together.  Remember those pictures you took before taking it apart? This is when it will come in handy.

Again, here is a quick video of everything above

Finally, a huge thank you to those who continue to train me.  In this specific build, I have to thank Todd.  I think we both educated each other but I had a lot more to learn.