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6.5L GEP Turbo HMMWV

So, we’re going to try blogging while on the road.  No, I’m not wring this while driving, I’m atcually at SubWay.  So, I’m headed to the annual IV8888 show.   I’ll be linking up with Jeff from GearReport  and the rest of the IV8888 crew.

Im actually on the road with my newly installed 6.5L GEP turbo motor in my MasterCraft HMMWV.   Just like any turbo she takes time to spool up.  She really shows her true colors at the higher speeds.  Just check out this video of me on the fast lane, kind of going too fast.

She’s doing grea!

While we were at it we also flushed and cleaned the whole cooling system.  It’s so efficient now that I was actually worried about the truck running too cool.

Next note worthy update was an upgrade to a 80MPH Speedometer.


Here are some pictures of the engine.


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