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HMMWV Cartoon

Check out some of these cool pictures.  I’m having fun turning my HMMWV pictures into cartoon pictures.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on all of these HMMWVs. Turned them from a tough machine to a work of art!





2 thoughts on “HMMWV Cartoon

  1. Hey I just picked up a 91 Humvee m998 I was wondering if I should change the military style rims on it I drove it back from San Diego about 80 miles and I was getting real bad will high previous owner told me that it might be because it’s at for a little while and the wheels may have been fly but it seems like the wheels might be off balance he said he took the run-flats have a one wheel anybody think I might just be a tire balance problem or something like a wheel bearing hub gear Hub issue

    1. I would check the balance on your tires, and the enlightenment of the truck, finally I would also check your pitman and idle arms.

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