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DIY Greasing HMMWV Pulley

Are your HMMWV® HUMVEE® pulleys making an annoying sound? Well, more than likely you just need to grease them up.

Here is a quick DIY way of greasing your HMMWV® pulley just using tools from your home garage. Yes, the proper way would be to press out the bearing and break it apart but this is a quick DIY. If you have inputs on how to do it better while just using home tools, then please share so we can help the group.

Step #1: As you may have guessed it, it’s to remove the pulley. Wait, no it’s not. Step number one is to remove your belt :).

Step #2: You can rebuild all of them or just turn each pulley by hand and see which one is making the noise. If you can isolate it, then take off that pulley. If you can’t isolate it, then do them all 🙂 it’s not like you have anything better to do with all of this quarantine.

Step #3: This is where you would use a press to remove the bearing but if you don’t have one then you can do the next best thing. Using the tip of something sharp remove the black caps on both sides. Be careful here, you want to go from the edges and not cut into the caps. This will expose the internals which will likely be dry and fully of dust/dirt.

Step #4: Using your compressor blow out all of the dirt from the inside. Start slow and do it on both sides. Spin the bearing a few times and then repeat.

Step #5: Now, add some grease. There are lots of options out there and people can make arguments for which is better. I elect to go with Spartan grease because I know the people behind the company and I would rather give my money to them vs a company thousands of miles away. If you would like to buy their product, then check them out here: . When greasing, use a thin brush and try to get the grease in all sides. Then spin the bearing forward and backward. Then grease again. You can use your blower at low pressure and try to push it in that way as well but the brush is your better option.

Step 6: Now replace the caps from step 3, and clean off any extra grease.

Step 7: Install it back

Step 8: Do whatever I forgot to mention


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